Bay Zoltán Science Shop showcases activities at European Researchers’ Night

This year’s European Researchers’ Night took place on 26 September 2019. It is a very popular event in Hungary, with thousands of local people participating in different programmes. Each year Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research (BZN) opens its doors to showcase their activities to the wider public.

This year, the Bay Zoltán Science Shop hosted several activities at the Budapest Headquarters of BZN. This included a continuation of its pilot food waste project, with 75 local pupils participating in lessons highlighting the subject of food waste and how to prevent it. Interactive games and amusing videos were used as part of the sessions to communicate different tips about how to avoid wasting food.

A second activity on food waste was also organised in which children were invited to play a game in order to learn about the proper storage of food. Through virtual shopping, children could learn about the importance of sticking to a shopping list to avoid impulse shopping, and how to properly store the purchased items. This proved to be a popular activity with queues of kids waiting to join in the game.

A question box was also set up in which members of the public could submit research questions that they would like to be addressed.

Overall, 1000 participants visited the Researchers’ Night event at BZN Budapest resulting in good publicity for Bay Zoltán Science Shop and building closer connections with its local community.

Pupils participating in the lesson on food waste