There are many operational aspects to consider when setting up a Science Shop. How will the Science Shop be funded? Where will it be located? Does it need a physical office? Who will coordinate the Science Shop and implement the projects?

This guide to establishing a Science Shop produced by the SciShops project looks at the main aspects of establishing and running a Science Shop, taking into account different types of organisational models of Science Shops.

It explores how to develop your own Science Shop model; the steps that need to be undertaken to establish a Science Shop; and the various aspects of running a Science Shop, such as staffing, funding, managing projects, etc. It also discusses some of the challenges that can be encountered along the way with suggestions of how to overcome them.

It also includes a planning tool –  the Project Model Canvas (based on a Business canvas) to help you develop a business plan for your Science Shop.

Download the designed PDF version of the Science Shop Establishment Guide here (~19MB)
Download the Project Model Canvas