Are you setting up a new Science Shop or community-based research initiative? Are you looking for ways to make your Science Shop more participatory, more sustainable or better known in the community?

The aim of this Tips & Tricks guide is to provide practical skills in topics that could be used to support the development of Science Shops and some of the many different activities that they may undertake. These include moderation of co-creation events involving different stakeholders, presentation techniques and “pitching” your initiative to different audiences, and the use of social media and other communication channels; all skills needed to set up and promote a Science Shop. Moreover, it includes contributions from experts on topics such as partnership building, citizen science, business planning and monitoring, impact planning and assessment, which will guide you through these different types of participatory activities.

This guide is based on sessions held during the 2nd Summer School of the EU-funded project held in Cyprus from 1-4 July 2019 and knowledge gained about Science Shops in the deliverables produced by the SciShops project.

Download the designed PDF version of the Science Shop Tips & Tricks guide (~27MB) in various languages below: