Enhancing the Responsible and Sustainable Expansion of the Science Shop Ecosystem in Europe


Raise awareness on benefits of starting a science shop by different types of organizations and benefits of working with science shops in research projects


Knowledge content for science shops and organizations willing to start one, such as guide for establishment and running, training of science shop staff.


Twinning, matchmaking and collaboration between science shops, public, research institutes.


Showcasing an extensive database of science shops and similar entities with their different structure and expertise.


Visit to Open Science Hub in Portugal

Following the SciShops’ consortium meeting in Madrid, four partners visited the Open Science Hub - Portugal, a Science Shop located in Portugal. Here they explored the building and its surroundings, learned about the…

New resources to support Science Shops

T he EU SciShops project has been busy producing a range of resources to support both new and established Science Shops, which address various aspects of setting up and running a Science Shop and take into account different…

Cyprus gets co-creative to tackle challenges

During 2018, two co-creation events were organised in Cyprus under the framework of SciShop.eu. They engaged diverse stakeholders and tested formats for identifying and solving challenges using a collaborative and quick-win…

Case study: Social Innovation Institute Science Shop

The Social Innovation Institute Science Shop is based in Vilnius, Lithuania at the Institute of Social Innovations. It is a relatively young science shop (the first in Lithuania), set up in 2013 as a  non-profit organisation…