Pilot activity at Bay Zoltán Science Shop – teaching kids to avoid food waste

The Hungarian Bay Zoltán Science Shop started its activities in 2019. Our Science Shop is based within our mother organisation Bay Zoltan Nonprofit Ltd. for Applied Research (BZN). Bay Zoltán Science Shop works in very close collaboration with the research divisions of our mother organisation.

Our first pilot action was carried out in collaboration with the Smart System Division of BZN. Our colleagues have been participating in a project, STREFOWA- Strategies to Reduce Food Waste in Central Europe, with the aim of finding and designing new ideas dealing with food waste. Their findings provided the idea for an educational activity, which could be carried out by Bay Zoltán Science Shop in collaboration with local schools.

Title image and this image: Group work

Third grade pupils from Széchenyi István Primary School of Budakeszi participated in the pilot activity. During a lesson, the children learnt about how to avoid wasting food, why it is bad for our society, and what actions can be taken at home or in their everyday lives. They learnt about appropriate food storage and the meaning of the different expiry dates on food packaging. The lessons were designed to be informal and interactive focusing on discussion, games and other thought-provoking activities. Approximately 100 children learnt about this important topic.

We are certain that children of this age can influence the behaviour of their families. This activity helped us to communicate research findings to the community will hopefully have impact within society too.  Similar activities will be conducted with other schools too.

Presentation being given by Katalin Kalai, Bay Zoltán Science Shop