Pop Up Science Shop in Artificial Intelligence at University of Oxford opens its digital doors

A new Science Shop has been launched at the University of Oxford this summer as part of the EU SciShops project. The Pop-up Science Shop in Artificial Intelligence will be running from July 2019 until January 2020, but is aiming to make a case for a more permanent existence. Although Oxford is world leading in many respects, making a real collaborative connection to its local community is something we’re keen to improve on. Therefore we are happy to have engaged Saskia Visser from the well established Science Shop in Groningen (the Netherlands) as a twinning partner to co-ordinate this Oxford pilot.


Why Artificial Intelligence?

AI is developing at a fast rate and is already influencing people’s life more than they realise. From algorithms that drive your Facebook feed, to big data analysis to support doctors’ diagnoses and facial recognition by security cameras. Applications that can improve our lives, but can also have negative side effects on our privacy or make biased decisions. So it is only fair that communities and the public have a say in where and how this technology is used and come forward with their own questions and needs. A Science Shop approach is a good way to create awareness and build relationships between the university and community organisations.

The Oxford Pop-up Science Shop will be based in the Mathematical, Physics and Life Sciences Division, but is looking at AI from a broader human and societal perspective. 


If you are interested in what is happening, please visit our website: https://www.mpls.ox.ac.uk/public-engagement or just get in touch: saskia.visser@mpls.ox.ac.uk