Tackling societal challenges in Cyprus in partnership: Official launch of KPMG Science Shop

The KPMG Science Shop in Cyprus was officially launched on 12 June 2019 at a press conference in Nicosia. The initiative is designed to promote and implement community-based participatory research in collaboration with local universities, research centers and society.  KPMG Science Shop is founded by KPMG in Cyprus with the support of the NGO SciCo Cyprus, both partners in the Horizon 2020 SciShops.eu project funded by the European Commission, which provides the framework for the establishment of the initiative.

The team behind the KPMG Science Shop in Cyprus

In the ever-changing environment of rapid technological developments and ongoing digital transformation that we experience today, KPMG Science Shop aims to tackle today’s emerging challenges. Within this environment knowledge is no longer anticipated as a factor of success but as a criterion for survival. Synergies amongst the research community and the society are of paramount importance for the acquisition and continuous enrichment of knowledge.

The KPMG Science Shop draws upon expertise from both the Firm’s staff but also its large collaboration network. Its aim is to identify and tackle local social problems/challenges with the cooperation of both researchers from Cyprus and abroad, but also society at large. In addition to the expansion of its collaboration network, the ultimate goal of KPMG Science Shop is to become a catalyst in creating meaningful synergies between the society and the research community. KPMG Science Shop was established and will operate through KPMG in Cyprus’ premises.

The press conference was attended by academics, business executives, representatives of the research community, as well as numerous journalists, who had an opportunity to learn more about the approach of the Science Shop and its work to date.

In his welcome speech, Christos Vasiliou, Managing Director and Head of Advisory Services at KPMG in Cyprus, praised the launch of KPMG Science Shop, stressing the importance of this initiative being implemented by KPMG, as it is the first of its kind to be established and run by a large private organisation offering professional services at European level.  Among other things, he stated: “KPMG Science Shop aims at creating and transferring knowledge to society while enhancing our Firm’s ongoing contribution to social development and progress. In this way, KPMG in Cyprus once again commits itself to the joined efforts for innovative approaches, social cohesion, entrepreneurship development and the strengthening of synergies between businesses and the research community.”

Christos Vasilio, Managing Director, KPMG Cyprus, giving his welcome speech at the launch of the KPMG Science Shop

Antonis Bargilly, Board Member, Head of Strategy, Customer & Operations Services at KPMG in Cyprus and Partner in Charge of the project, elaborated on the pillars of the project and stressed the importance of the results of the KPMG Science Shop, which form a practical example of collaboration between society, the research community and the business world.

In addition, Dr Katerina Kaouri, Director of the NGO SciCo Cyprus and academic at Cardiff University, talked about the strategic partnership between KPMG Science Shop and SciCo Cyprus as well as the European Study Groups with Industry initiative (interactive workshops in which teams of researchers work intensively on social and business problems), highlighting a co-creation workshop held in Cyprus as a practical example of the implementation of the project’s goals.

SciShops partner, Dr Katerina Kaouri, talking about how SciCo Cyprus is supporting the establishment of the KPMG Science Shop