KPMG Science Shop, Cyprus

The KPMG Science Shop is run by KPMG in Cyprus. Its aim is to act as both a facilitator and contributor to community-based participatory research. KPMG utilises a broad network of collaborators as well as its own in-house expertise to support engagement between society and the research community. Through a collaborative approach, KPMG Science Shop brings together universities, research organisations and academics, together with the community, NGOs and industry to initiative new projects to tackle societal challenges.


Business model 

The KPMG Science Shop is run by KPMG and specifically by its Strategy, Customer & Operations Services. It is coordinated by Board Member, Antonis Bargilly and is run by KPMG staff from within KPMG premises in Nicosia. Once the SciShops project comes to an end, the operational cost of running the Science Shop will be funded by KPMG. 

As KPMG is not a research providing organisation, KPMG will mainly act as a facilitator between society and the research community in order to initiate new projects through the creation of synergies and collaborations. In addition, it will utilise its in-house expertise in specific subjects (for example, KPMG’s advisory department has extensive knowledge in areas such as cybersecurity, digital transformation, emerging technologies, data analytics, customer experience) to participate in research activities, develop proof of concepts as well as funding proposals. KPMG Science Shop will work with both civil society organisations as well as industry, where challenges have wider societal relevance and impact.

To support future activity, a number of key partnerships have been developed with Cyprus Institute of Marketing; UCLan Cyprus; the University of Cyprus; and the University of Cardiff. More are planned to be developed.


Activity to date

In December 2018, the Science Shop contributed to the identification of social challenges for a co-creation event organised in collaboration with the Mathematics for Industry Network. Specifically it liaised with a marine services company to identify the fuel consumption and the environmental footprint of its tugboats during their day-to-day operations. Research was conducted by academics and researchers, and by using mathematical modelling they managed to propose high level solutions on ways to reduce both consumption and the environmental footprint. You can read more about the initiative in this article.

Capitalisation activities are now taking place aiming to conduct further research around the initial question. During this phase, KPMG resources will be involved to undertake an analysis of the data and propose proof of concepts. 

The KPMG Science Shop was officially launched on 12 June 2019 at a press conference in Nicosia. 

On 3 July, KPMG hosted a networking event with local stakeholders as part of the SciShops summer school in Cyprus.

The team behind the KPMG Science Shop at its launch in June 2019

Within the framework of their strategic partnership, KPMG in Cyprus and the Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM) organised several two-day entrepreneurship workshops under the auspices of the Nicosia Municipality on 18-19 June 2019 and of the Limassol Municipality on 17-18 September 2019. The workshops were run in the context of the KPMG Science Shop as a means of disseminating knowledge to society. The workshops focused on the tools and skills that founders of new companies need in order to face challenges in a rapidly changing environment. During the Limassol event, the Mayor highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship regardless of age, and that capitalisation of research results reduces the risks of failure. At the end of the two day workshop, participants prepared 10 minute pitches of their concepts and the winners received cash prizes. 

KPMG has also sponsored two scholarships in partnership with the Cyprus Institute of Marketing. Following thorough examination of a large number of applications, KPMG and CIM offered two scholarships at a ceremony on 20 September:

  • 1 full scholarship worth € 7700 for the postgraduate programme MBA Shipping (14 Months FT/24 Months PT). The programme is available only in Limassol.
  • 1 partial scholarship worth € 6500 for the undergraduate programme of the University of West London, BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance. The scholarship covers the first year of the three year programme. The programme is offered in Nicosia and/or in Limassol.

The scholarships form part of a series of actions implemented by the KPMG Science Shop.


Next steps

In the framework of the KPMG Science Shop, KPMG has joined forces with Larnaca Municipality for the submission of H2020 Twinning project Maritec-X. The project was successful in receiving 30 million euros of funding from the Cyprus Government and the European Commission for the establishment of the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute, a Centre of Excellence and Research. The CMMI, which is based in Larnaca, is an independent, international, scientific and business Centre of Excellence for Marine and Maritime activities. It carries out research, technological development, and innovation activities (RTDI) to provide practical solutions to the challenges that the marine and maritime industry, and society, face or will face in the future. The kick-off took place last July in Larnaca. On 10 October 2019, the commencement of activities took place where KPMG is a firm contributor in resources for the implementation of research projects, in particular the preparation of prototypes and proof of concepts for Marine and Maritime studies.

The Science Shop is also involved in a new project for the Interior Ministry of Cyprus and the Asylum Service regarding the use of digital technology for the identification of migrants arriving in Cyprus from Africa and the Middle East and is currently contributing to the co-creation of a research concept together with other partners, including the University of Nicosia.



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