RRI tools for communication of results

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Science Shops


In the RRI spirit of openness and transparency, research results should be disseminated as widely as possible. It is important that the public is made aware of and has an opportunity to discuss the results of research undertaken, through two-way communication with researchers and other types of public engagement activities, which also leads to wider acceptance of research outcomes.

In addition to making research available through open access, communication of results can include media relations, social media, targeted communication to policy makers, as well as public engagement and science communication activities designed to engage the wider public in dialogue about societal issues.

Many science shops also ensure that research reports are written in an accessible way that is appropriate for the intended audience, or that summaries are published in plain and simple language so that non-academic audiences can understand and use them.

Here you’ll find resources that contain advice on developing strategies to communicate science and research findings to different stakeholders.


… to communicate research findings to different stakeholders
The DESIRE Reach Out toolkit (Desire Project, 2013) can be used for planning and implementing dissemination activities of science education projects. Includes advice on what content or information should be disseminated to different stakeholders, including policy makers.
Public engagement – a practical guide is a five-step approach for researchers on how to involve the public in deciding how to research is communicated – from the earliest stages of projects, and on the most challenging of subjects. Produced by the independent UK campaigning charity Sense about Science.
The Impact Toolkit produced by the Economic and Social Research Council contains resources to help researchers generate impact, including tools and tips for communicating research effectively. Topics include developing a communications and impact strategy, media relations, influencing policy makers, social media best practice and public engagement guidance.
The EU guide to science communication is a digital resource consisting of short video clips and case studies on how to engage in communicating science and research to wider audiences.
Science communication toolbox containing inspiration and suggestions of science communication activities. Produced by the Swedish non-profit organisation VA (Public & Science) in collaboration with the Swedish Research Council.